I threw this page together to generate some
interest in this new project.  Solaris lighting is just
too expensive for me so I have been working on
my own version.  I won't post specs until I have the
finished product.  Would anyone be interested in
buying something like this in a kit form, or maybe
just schematics?
Just my current moonlight
My current actinic only (32w)
Early prototype of the new system
My digital camera just doesn't pic up the color enhancement with the
new lights.  There is a richness to the colors with the new light that
isn't done justice here.  With that said, the pics that follow will be old
light (70w 10k HQI w 32w pc actinic supplement) on the left and new
light (same HQI but only the new system for actinic supplement) on
the right.  
Mouse-over the pic of bigfoot
for the first spy photos of the
new system!  Hope you all
enjoy the preview!