My Minibow
......The Birth of a Monster
My minibow started out as a harmless project, but soon grew into a monster!  I have always had
tanks, I started out with a
90 gallon.  I grew tired of the constant expense and upkeep of the 90
gallon so I switched over to a
28 gallon bowfront.  Recently I have relocated to a different state so I
had to give up the 28 gallon.  

My uncle wanted to set up a reef for quite a while and I had him set on a 5.5 gallon.  As we looked
at the pet store we spotted the 7 gallon bowfront and he was hooked.  We set up his 7 gallon with
two Penguin Mini's, one for filtration and one for the Ice Probe chiller.  We wrestled with
that setup
for months going back and forth with successes and failures.  He was ready to give up when I got
ready to move out of state.  I ended up giving him my 28 gallon since I know I would get almost
nothing for it from my local shop.  He has been running the 28 gallon successfully since we moved
it to his house.  

I loved the size of the 7 gallon bowfront, and I was determined to make it run.  Using the experience
that I gained setting up his tank, I started planning my own minibow.  I know that I wanted a "reef
ready" tank, I was fed up with syphon-fed overflow boxes.  I knew that I wanted to concentrated on
SPS and LPS corals, I had plenty of soft corals in the 28 gallon and they were getting boring.  I
knew I wanted a larger stand to hide my equipment and give me storage space.  I knew I wanted a
sump setup to house my heater and chiller and give me more water volume.  I knew I wanted a
digital controller for the heater and chiller.  Lastly, I knew that given the lighting requirements of
SPS corals, I needed a strong lighting setup.  When I added everything up, this is what I ended up

Tank: 7 gallon minibow (reef ready)

Lighting: 70 watt 10,000k halide and 32 watt half actinic, half daylight

Canopy and base: Built by hand by my brother

Stand: 36" solid oak stand

Top: Black gloss tile with unsanded white grout

Filtration: Amiracle sump 24" x 12" x 15"

Pump: Cap 1800

Overflow: Custom fabricated

Return flow: Via SCWD wave maker through two lengths of Loc Line with diffusers

Rock: 7.5 pounds of misc. live rock

Temperature: Tronic heater (150w), Ice Probe chiller, controlled by Aqualogic heater/chiller control

Auto topoff: Designed and built from scratch

This tank is new, it is growing all the time.