Livestock 8/8/04
8/8/04 - I only have a few
corals right now.  I also have
an urchin and some crabs.  
Here is a small plating SPS.  I
got this from a friend quite a
while ago.  He called it "Potato
Chip Coral".  Until recently it was
in my uncles 28 gallon.  
A small piece of acropora
that I got on 8/6/04.  It is
brown now, but another
piece that I got from the
same colony 2 weeks ago is
turning purple!
The tiny acro from the same
colony as the one pictured
directly above.  The camera
doesn't do this one justice.  
It is turning a bright purple.  
It is very small, but it is
beginning to grow.
Not sure what to call this one,
but it is a cool frag.  I got it
around 7/15/04 and it seems
to be doing OK.  
Some sort of brain coral.  
Got it around 7/25/04.  It
was not doing good and
had been written off for
dead.  We will see if I can
save it.
A green horn coral.  I added it around
8/1/04 and it is doing well.  It is starting
to puff up again and may be changing
color.  It used to be green but is
gaining a hint of blue.