Fish stores are a dime a dozen,
but good ones...that's another
story.  Here are some places that
have treated me right.
Finding good sources of information on
reef keeping can be tough.  Here is a
list of links to sites that I have found to
be helpful.
7 Gallon Forums - This is a website
that is dedicated almost exclusively to
minibows.  Many members have other
sized tanks as well and all the
members are very knowledgeable and

Looking for a canopy for your minibow or
nanocube?  Check out
this site.  

A Splash of Life - A cool site, check of
those clam tanks!

Need custom glass for that truly huge
project?  If you have the cash,
these guys
can make it! - Want corals but don't want to
deplete the natural reefs?  Buy you
aquacultured corals from this nonprofit
research facility. - Thinking of adding sea
horses to your reef?  Go here and do
your research first! - Another site dedicated to
minibows.  Some really neat setups there.

Got a website you think I should include
contact me.
Iowa -

Aquatic Environments - This is the
premiere saltwater shop in the Quad
Cities!  In addition to fair prices and good
advice about reefs, they also have
reptiles and freshwater fish!  Call them
@ (563) 445-3687 or click the link below
for a map!
Michigan -

Aquatic Discoveries - This is a very nice
shop in Sterling Heights.  They have
some huge display tanks and some very
nice corals at good prices.  They also
have a nice freshwater selection.  Call
them @(586) 264-6261 or click on the
link below for a map!
Do you know of a shop that provides
good service and reasonable prices.  
Contact me to have it included on the list!