Garys 28
After moving out of state, this tank had been left at my parents house.  My mom did a good job of
keeping it going, but it had to move.  We decided to move it to my uncles house where it would be
looked after daily.  Here are some pics taken after the move.  You can see it before the move
A truly awesome candy cane!  
Grew from 10-12 polyps to
around 20.  Thrives under 130
watts of PC lighting.
A nice mat of green star
polyps.  Some nice green
zoos too.  
A monster toadstool.  The right
side was cut back to make
frags.  Fragging leathers is very
easy and a good way to trade
for more corals.
A nice green torch that is
doing great under the PC's.  
The pic doesn't show the true
color of this coral.  Below the
torch is what remains of a
clam after the sea apple
One of the tanks inhabitants,
a nice percula clown.