Frag Trading 101
Step 1 - We need to start with a USPS
Flat Rate Box.  This will allow us to
ship anywhere in the US for one flat
rate via Priority Mail which gives us
cross country service in 2-3 days.  
There are to different sizes of Flat Rate
Box.  I used the Small Box for this
project.  Shipping cost for this size box
is currently $9.80.   
Step 2 - Cut a large piece of plastic
and cover the inside of the box with
it.  Be sure to hug the sides of the
box tightly in preparation to fill it
with foam.  
Step 3 - Select a nice thermos for
the project.  I found this Thermos
brand thermos at Wal-mart for
about $15.  It is one of the nicer
ones I found.  Be sure to choose
one with a wide mouth for fitting
larger sized frags.  
Step 4 - Get a few pair of rubber
gloves and use them to cover your
thermos to protect it from the foam
filling while making the mold.  
Step 5 - This is the foam that I used
and recommend.  I got it at Wal-mart
and it was about $3 per can.  It took
2 cans to complete the job.  I prefer
this to Great Stuff foam as it can be
used and reused without clogging
the straw.  In the past I have used
Great Stuff for other projects and it
was pretty much a one use can even
if there was a bunch left.  
Step 6 - Begin to fill the box with
foam.  This MUST be done in single
layers.  Don't lay it on too thick or it
won't dry properly.  Lay a single thin
layer and let it dry before adding
another.  Once the bottom layer is
down, add the thermos and slowly
fill around it.  This will take about 2-3
days to complete the first half of the
The finished
product.  Pardon the
crappy pics, I am not
happy with the flash
and not happy
without it!
I hope you liked the Fragbox and find this useful for making your own.  If you have any
questions don't hesitate to
contact me.  Total cost for this project will be about $20.  
Frag trading will never be the same!