My 28 Gallon
My 28 gallon was the nicest tank that I ever owned.  It ran with minimal maintenance since I used all the
filtration components from my
90 gallon.  I had to give the tank to my uncle when I moved out of state.  I
have tons of pics of this tank, I will post some of them here.  Here are some
pics of the tank after the
move to my uncles.


Tank: 28 gallon bowfront

Lighting: JBJ 130 power compact, one actinic and one daylight

Base: Solid oak 48" x 18"

Filtration: Amiracle sump 30" x 15" x 15"

Pump: Rio 5100 several penguin powerheads in tank

Temperature: Tronic 300w heater, 1/3 horsepower chiller, controlled by Medusa controller

Auto topoff: Custom design and build

Livestock: 40+ types/color varieties of coral, various star fish, sea apple, 3 clowns
A nice big acro.  One of my favorites!
A very cool sea apple.  This one
eventually got sucked into a
powerhead in the tank and died.  He
then released a toxin that killed quite a
few of the corals.  Moral of the story,
don't have a sea apple in a tank with
Here are my clams.  I liked them a lot,
but they were killed in the sea apple
One of my peppermint shrimp.  I
originally purchased them to eat
aiptasia.  They did a great job!
A profile shot showing the density of
corals in this tank.  It was packed.
Some sort of polyps.  Very hard to find
in my area.